Jesus Christ and the Möbius Strip③


Commitment to Psychoanalysis/Structuralism


Under their influence, I went into the modern French philosophy which is called `structuralism’.


I put here 4 big names of structuralists:


Michel Foucault, Roland Bartes, Claude-Levi=Strauss and Jacqes Lacan.


Structuralism is based on extreme skepticism:


No matter how obvious a certain thought may look, it is not exempt from human-made rules.


There exist no thoughts or values that are obvious or natural.Everything is imposed by human-made rules located outside the thoughts and the values.


That is the miserable end of the western civilization.But for this very reason, we can find traces of Christianity everywhere in it.


It took almost 20 years from then until I found out this fact.


Among the structuralists named above, Jacqes Lacan was the one who gave me the decicive impact.


He was a charismatic psychoanalyst who deeply understood Sigmunt Freud’s psychoanalysis from a modern point of view.


According to Freud/Lacan, children cannot become human beings, much less adults unless they are baptized by Oedipus Complex.


I dared adopt the word `baptism’ in accordance with my own baptism, fully knowing that they antichrists wouldn’t have used this term.


They would have used the term `rite of rituel’.


Oedipus Complex is the concept invented by Freud, inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Oedipus.


The myth of Oedipus is a story as follows:


`A young man named Oedipus murdered his father without knowing that he was his own father.After that, Oedipus married his mother without knowing she was his own mother and produced a child.But when he knew the truth, he couldn’t stand his own sense of guilt; he crushed his own eyes and left for a journey with no destination.’


It is a story of incest.


Based on the knowledge explained above, I want to tell what I believe:


Freud’s concept of Oedipus Complex is based on the myth of Oedipus, but that of Lacan, who seems to be Freud’s successor, is actually a skillful inversion/arrangement of Christian theology.


Because psychoanalysis is the important core of my testimony, let me give more details about it.


First of all, I’d like to introduce Freud’s concept of Oedipus Complex.


I’m going to make my explanation as simple as possible while imitating Freud’s style.


     I have to give notice that the following discussion is limited only to boys; a different kind of argument is needed about girls.  


A little child is sexually related to his mother, which relationship is


called `Incest’or the`Mother-to-Child Integrated State’ i.e. Mother-Child


unity, but his father interferes


with them.He threatens his son saying,`Don’t touch my wife, or I will cut


your penis off.’


The father intends to teach him the `Law’ i.e.the Social Rules.


The child, burning with hatred against his own father, murders him


innumerable times in his fantasy.


But in the meanwhile, the child comes to love his father, spontaneously


imitating what his father does.


At this stage, it seems as if the child were willing to be bound for the Law,


which is nothing else but fetters for him.


His motive, however, is extremely wicked.He is planning to get a revenge


on his father, by stealing his overwhelming power which comes from the


Law, and by taking back his mother after getting strong enough. 


Thus, the Father functions as the absolute Authority who embodies the Order of the Society and the World.


Oedipus Complex is a sequence of processes in which the Child’s hatred against the Father gets inverted into love for the Father.


In the context of structuralism, this Social Authority is called the          `Third Term’.


Through the severe rite of ritual explained above, a child grows up into an adult, a social being who is made up with two different components: `Consciousness’ originating from the `Reality Principle’ i.e. the Law and  `Unconsciousness’ originating from the `Pleasure Principle’ i.e. Incest.


Here is formed a triangle by the relationship between the 3 components i.e. the Father, the Child and the Mother.


          I call it the `Oedipus Triangle’.



I’d like to add a couple of technical terms about the Cild-Father relationship. The moment of inversion from hatred to love is called `Castration’ or `Primordial Suppression’.


Jaques Lacan was a radical psychoanalystwho reached the limit of structuralism by scrutinizing Freud’s concept of Oedipus Complex. 


Just in case of Freud, I’d like to show the rough outline of Lacan7s idea, imitating his style.


When the father breaks the Mother-to Child Integrated State by intervening between them, a fierce love-hate drama develops.


The Child feels so guilty of having murdered his own father psychologically, that he submits himself to the human/social rules. He becomes a human/social being.


The submission here means psychological suicide of the Child. He kills himself and becomes the one to follow the Law.


This is not the written law, however, because the Father was already killed in fantasy so that it should be called the `Name-of-Father. 


This term of Lacan’s also refers to the father only in name.


           Nom-du-P re in French


In consequence, the Old Self is erased to become `Consciousness’, and the New Self is born to become `Consciousness’. But this New-born Conscousness is something like an empty grave.


The Name-of Father is Language itself.


Lacan shamelessly refers to the empty grave of Christ.