Jesus Christ and the Möbius Strip④

✝Psychoanalytic Theology


After presentation of Jacqes Lacan’s idea, I wonder what kind of impressions my readers have had.


If they are Christians, it would have immediately rung a bell…


Christians would be familiar with the Triangle of Oedipus…


My conclusion is as follows.


Psychoanalysis of Freud/Lacan looks kike the exact copy of the `Trinity’ i.e. Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the 3 components of the former (Father/Child/Mother) clearly corresponding to the latter.


I’d like to explain the correspondence mentioned above, according to the `Psychoanalytic Theology’, which I believed as atheist at that time.  


Jesus while living on earth was the complex of the Son(flesh) and the Holy Spirit because Jesus was somebody filled with the spirit of love and forgiveness.


On the Triangle of Oedipus, this `complex’ corresponds to the base, namely, the Mother-to-Child Integrated State because everything was allowed to Jesus.


Jesus often acted against the Jewish Law: he dared sit at the same table with sinners, healed the sick on the Sabbath saying, `I’m the Lord of the Sabbath’.


Doesn’t he look like a spoiled child?


He always believed that Father in Heaven loved him no matter what he might do.He never stopped breaking the Law.He was just looking at God’s love and forgiveness, blind to His strictness.


As a consequence, he was eventually crucified, invoking anger of the Jewish Authority (Sanhedrin).


The words and deeds of Jesus and the sequence of relevant events, dramatized with miraculous episodes, gave birth to the faith claiming for Jesus to be the Son of God.


Its believers were those people who overlapped Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection with their own Oedipus Complex, their own experience of childhood. Thus were built up the primitive Christian churches.


Christianity therefore is nothing but an imagination created by underprivileged people who were forced to commit a psychological suicide by the Social/Father’s Authority.


If you replace the Name of the Lord by the Name-of-Father, Christianity turns instantly into psychoanalysis. Superstition can be explained by means of science.


Moreover, Christian’s basic principle `to die to yourself and live in Christ’ can be fully explained by Lacan’s theory `the Old Self is erased for the New Self to be born’.


Faith is not necessary any longer.It is even harmful because it inhibits scientific developments.




Perhaps, non-Christians in general could accept the atheist interpretation mentioned above more easily than Christianity itself.Just as many people (including myself) accepted the fictive novel `Davinci Code’ as a real story, while rejecting Christian’s basic faith: the Lord Jesus is alive even now.


Until at least 4 years ago, I had been under control of such an anti-Christ way of thinking.


However, I was completely changed in mindset when I was saved by the Lord Jesus. God has unexpected plans indeed…